Azerbaijani national team competing in world karate championship

Posted by Abbas Hünbətov

Posted on November 23, 2019

Moscow is hosting a first ever world championship featuring all types of karate.

Azerbaijan’s 26-strong squad at the championship is led by Vice president of the country’s Sindo-ryu and Pencak-silat Federation, head coach Abbas Hunbatov.

The championship involves 1,000 fighters from more than 40 countries. 

The world championship will also feature a festival. 

Abbas Hunbatov said the team was preparing seriously for the tournament, adding there were enough strong fighters in the squad. 

“This is a first ever world championship featuring all types of karate. There are a number of strong fighters and title holders competing. I believe that our national team will succeed in Moscow and win medals.”

The championship will end on November 25.