President of Russian Okinawa Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate Federation Anatoly Mitrofanov arrives in Azerbaijan

Posted by Abbas Hünbətov

Posted on October 25, 2019

Professor of the International College of Martial Arts, 6th dan Shorin-Ryu and Goju-Ryu, representative of the International Okinawa Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate Association , president of the Russian Okinawa Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate Federation Anatoly Mitrofanov arrived in Azerbaijan on 24 October.

Invited by vice-president of Azerbaijan Sindo-ryu and Pencak silat Federation Abbas Humbatov, Anatoly Mitrofanov will meet with members of Azerbaijan`s national team.

He will give a seminar to the national team to provide an insight into the latest changes in Shorin-Ryu style of karate and share his rich experience with Azerbaijani fighters.         

Abbas Humbatov said the seminar would contribute significantly to the improvement of Azerbaijani fighters` skills and proficiency. He hailed close cooperation between the Azerbaijani and Russian federations. 

Abbas Humbatov noted that Anatoly Mitrofanov​`s visit was a joint initiative of the Azerbaijani federation and  the International Okinawa Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate Association. "The president of the association Shimomuko Zempo will then visit Azerbaijan. Both visits will contribute to the development of Shorin-Ryu in our country," he added.

The visit will feature discussions on the prospects for developing cooperation between the Azerbaijani and Russian federations.