Pencak Silat Federation of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan "Sindo-ryu and Pencak Silat 'Federation was established in 1996. V Dan black belt holder, the first president of the Federation Hunbətli Abbas . He is currently the head coach of the Federation & 1st vice president and acting. Pencak Silat Federation president Jeyhun Asharafov There are 11 members of the Federation's Board of Directors. Prominent public figures in the country are represented in the Board of Directors. Since its inception, the athletes are constantly having to deal with this kind of sport in Europe, Asia and the world championships are in attendance. The Federation is working closely with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. A number of international championships and competitions in the country are represented, with the support of the ministry. Of all races and achievements of the Ministry reported. Since its inception, the Federation has achieved enough. Pencak Silat Federation of Azerbaijan is already quite well-known among the international sports community and formed their own image. Pencak Silat Federation of dates is very important for our country on a permanent basis tournaments, competitions, championships are organized. Thus, to increase patriotism among young people, in addition to being able to bring this issue gets the attention of the international community. The Federation and individual athletes, as well as pencak silat competitions on the team almost always ranked high places. At the Federation of numerous gold, silver and bronze medals are. In 2013 in France, two silver and one bronze medal at the European Championships,6 gold medals won in European championship between the two countries. Silver held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,medal at the world championship held in Bali, Indonesia, the Republic won the silver medal at the World Championships.